Welcome to the website of Spilhammars camping in southern Sweden!

We welcome you in 2022 to the campsite from 1 april to 20 October. 

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Washing dishes for free in 2022!!

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Enjoy an active or peaceful holiday!

Do you want to be active or enjoy the peace in Sweden? Spilhammars camping is a family-friendly campsite located in an open area in a pine forest on two small lakes with a child-friendly beach.

In the area of Mariannelund, 20 km from Vimmerby and on the edge of the Småland Highlands. There is a restaurant near the campsite where you can eat for little money.


Highlights Spilhammars camping

  1. Family friendly campsite
  2. Beautiful camping pitches
  3. Free wifi
  4. Wide choice of accommodations
  5. Located just outside Mariannelund
  6. A lot of activities in the area
  7. At 20 km from Vimmerby
  8. On the edge of the Småland Highlands
  9. Close to the Astrid Lindgren park and Nils Holgersson park
       cykel mariannelund

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