camping in south sweden

Spilhammars Camping is a campsite in Småland, an area in southern Sweden.
Småland is a so-called landscape in the southern Swedish region of Götaland. This includes the province of Kronoberg County, most of Jönköping County and Kalmar County.
Småland consists mainly of rolling hills with lakes and forests. The well-known Swedish author Astrid Lindgren, author of Pippi Longstocking and Michiel van de Hazelhoeve, among others, comes from this region.
Some well-known cities are Växjö, Jönköping and Kalmar.
Sweden is of course the moose's country, Ikea and crispbread, but there is so much more! It is also the country with crystal clear lakes and extensive forests. In the north you will find rugged mountains. Small campsites in Sweden are located in the middle of untouched nature, so you can enjoy the peace and space around you. For example, choose a campsite by the water if you want to go by boat or a campsite between the forest for long walks.
Camping in Sweden: natural beauty and fantastic cities
When you think of Sweden, you think of untouched nature with endless forests and lakes. In this Scandinavian country you can relax or experience an active holiday in the middle of nature. But there is also a lot to do for the culture lover. From metropolis Stockholm to modern and trendy Malmö. Sweden has it all! Or should we say "everything in the cottage"?

The camping period
The seasons in Sweden are the same as in Germany, but the climate may differ somewhat. After all, Sweden is a large country and far to the north is already within the Arctic Circle. Thanks to a warm Gulf Stream, Sweden has a mild climate. In summer the average temperature is around + 20 ° C. Good climate for camping! High season is in June and July, and during these months your days are almost twice as long thanks to the midnight light. And in fact, in the far north, even the sun shines at night, a unique opportunity to experience live from your tent or caravan. But even in autumn and winter it is good camping in Sweden, make sure you have a heater on hand in your caravan or motorhome.