Booking terms

  • Booking terms cottage, fully equipped caravan or vacationhouse.
  • This booking terms regards between Spilhammarscamping and the person which name is in the confirmation.  The person who have ordered is called customer and the other travelers called guests. The booking/ agreement regards the rent off a stuga, fully equipped caravan or vacationhouse  on Spilhammarscamping.
  • When a custom wants to book a stuga, fully equipped caravan or vacation house on Spilhammarscamping, the minimum age has to be 18 years.
  • The rental contract is personal.
  •  Legitimation occurs with arrival. Fulfillment of the age limit is a requirement to get permission for checking in. When the customer  doesn’t fulfill the age limit, than the terms of cancellation applies. It is obligative to have a legitimation for checking in on the campingsite
  • The basic price includes cabin rental, electricity, and beds. Duvet and pillow, according Spilhammars campsite description, variety of floor plan / decor may occur.  Customers  and guests may not use the cottage etc.for other than recreational purposes, unless otherwise agreed at the time of booking. The maximum number of people in the accommodation may only be the maximum number of beds the accommodation is equipped with. There are no discounts for children- or extra beds.
  • Upon special request, regarding pets, baby chairs or – beds,  will  the custom be informed with the bookingsrequest. Other requests will be approved if they or possible. Spilhammars camping inform the guest about the number off the cabin earliest with arrival. Spilhammars camping reserves the right to change accommodation to another or equal accommodation.
  • The basic price does not include bed linen, towels and departure cleaning. This can be ordered according the price list.

 Reservation of additional products

  • In advance reserve of bed linen can be made up to the day of arrival and have to be payed with arrival.
  • Final cleaning can be pre-ordered until noon. 11:00, 1 day prior to departure.


  • Upon receipt of the booking confirmation should be checked to ensure that all information is correct.
  • It is the customer who  is responsible if the information on the booking confirmation are correct.
  • The booking confirmation is sent via e-mail or by letter.
  • In case of failure, Spilhammars camping has to be contacted within 7 days after reception of the confirmation.
  • The booking / agreement applies to 1fam (max 6 people 2 adults + 4 children).


  • The payment is divided into a booking and a final payment. 
  • Before the payment of the booking fee / final payment, make sure that all information is correct.
  • The customer is responsible for ensuring that the information is correct. T
  • he booking fee covers 40% off the total amount and shall be received by Spilhammars camping latest 10 days after the booking.
  • The final payment must be received by Spilhammars camping at least 40 days before arrival.
  • When the booking is made shorter  than 40 days before date of arrival, the final payment of the full amount have to be done immediately.
  • In case of payment through online banking, the booking number and name of the customer have to be specified.
  • The customer must always contact the reception on Spilhammars camping to cancel.
  • In case the partial payment or final payment is not paid on time, Spilhammars camping reserves the right to cancel the booking.
  • Spilhammars camping will send one payment reminder.
  • Spilhammars camping will not send payment confirmations.
  • To get  access to the booked accommodation, the full rental amount have to be paid.

Deposit fee vacationhouse Åsjön.

  • For the house Åsjön or fully equipped caravan we take a deposit fee of 1000 sek, which have to be payed with arrival on the campsite.
  • The customer will get back this fee at departure, if there or no damages in the house or the caravan.

Cancellation of a booking:

  • If you want to cancel your booking its only valid by mail or by contacting the employees of Spillhammarscamping at the reception.
  • If you cancel your booking within 5 days of the booking date, then there will be no costs, if you cancel after 5 days of the booking date then there has to be a payment of 40% of the total price. 
  • Book a few days before arrival. The above rule does not apply, and you must pay the full amount at cancellation.
  • Always mention your name, booking number and the day that you will arrive according to booking.
  • With cancellation : If  only the first rate  is paid, Spilhammarscamping retains this amount, 40% of the rental of the campingplace, cabin, equipped caravan and holiday home.
  • With cancellation within 40 days before date of arrival, the total amount have to be paid.
  • Only with a doctors certificate you can cancel your booking, and Spilhammarscamping retains 40 % of the amount.
  • If the entire rental amount has been paid at the time of the booking, Spilhammars Camping will require a valid doctor's certificate. (Only an official document from the doctor or other competent authority is valid.) Then Spilhammars Camping will retain 40% of the rental price and the customer will receive the remaining amount back.
  • Earlier departure from the cabin,  equipped caravan or vacationhouse
  • If a customer departs earlier than he / she has agreed and is specified in the booking confirmation, the person have to pay the full rental amount. (unless otherwise agreed with  the camping owner)
  • In the event of sudden emergencies, (war, epidemics, natural disasters) for which Spilhammar's campsite is not responsible, Spilhammar's campsite will not pay any money. Spilhammar's campsite is not insured for this. For this you need to contact your travel insurance.

Responsibility for property /causing of injury

  • Spilhammarscamping is not responsible for lost property.
  • In jury which is caused by neglection of Spilhammarscamping, will be compensated.
  • The customer/guest shall in the case, report this immediately to the reception at Spilhammars camping.
  • The customer/guest is on his side responsible for the damage caused by himself or people in its companion. See also "other obligations"

 Other obligations

  • -The customer / guests will take care of the stuga, equipped caravan and vacation house,  and follow the rules, instructions and regulations.
  • -Customer / guests have,  between 23:00 and 07:00 hrs. ,  observe the utmost respect and silence towards other guests.
  • -The customer shall be responsible for any damage caused to the property and its equipments,  in case that the injury was caused by the customer / guests or any other person given access to the accommodation, who have been careless.
  • -The customer / guest shall comply with the regulations that apply to the cottage, equipped caravan and vacation house, concerning smoking and to hold pets. 
  • -In case off  breaking the rules:   with smoking and holding pets when not allowed, we  charge a fee of 4000 SEK for cottages/ equipped caravan, and 6500 SEK for vacation houses Åsjön.
  • -It is forbidden to cause damage to trees or nature, digging on the campground is not allowed.
  • -It is not allowed to make a fire outside the bq places.

Cleaning **

  • If cleaning for the stuga/equipped caravan or vacation house has not been ordered by the  customer / guest (according to the cleaning instructions) before departure, the personal on Spilhammars camping cleans the stuga.
  • If you opt for a cleaning performed by Spilhammarscamping, you still have to do the dishes yourself, as well as take out the trash.
  •  Missed or inadequate cleaning will be charged with a fee of 1400 SEK for a cabin, 2000 SEK for an apartment and 2500 SEK for a house.
  • If you have had animals in the stuga is a final cleaning av us obligative costs:
  • Stuga 900 sek
  • House 1500 sek
  • Apartment 1100 sek
  • final cleaning:**
  • Stuga 4,5,6 pers 850 sek.  
  • 2 pers stuga+ child till 6 years 500 sek
  • Barrel 2 pers 500 sek.
  • house 1250 sek.
  • Apartment 950 sek.

Keys / shower cards

  • All the keys which are received with arrival shall be returned with departure off the campsite.
  • For no-returned keys/cards will Spilhammars camping charge 500 sek. per key and 50 sek for the keycard.

Breach of contract

  • This is an agreement made between the customer (client) and Spilhammars camping.
  • The agreement is binding and accepted by the customer through the payment of reservation fee.
  • The Agreement will terminate with immediate effect if:
  • The reservation conditions are not fulfilled.
  • The customer / guests behave disruptive  in the cottage- or camping area.
  • The customer / guests caused damage to the cottage- or camping area.
  • The camping pitch is not used for its intended purpose.
  • If breach of the contract occurs, the customer / guests must immediately leave the campsite.
  • With destruction  or disruptive behavior damages may be required by the customer.
  • Making fire next to the Cabin, Caravan / Tent.
  • Digging at the campsite. 
  • Intentionally causing damage to Nature.
  • When subletting the cabin / house/rental caravan. 
  • Intentionally causes damage to the property of Spilhammars camping.

There are two fire places at the camp site

Thanks for you reservation

Team Spilhammar.