Dear guests

Can I still go on vacation because off  the coronavirus?

As far as we are concerned, you can do but you have to observe and follow the rules of the country in question.

Of course, the campsites also have rules regarding the corona virus, demand in the reception / kiosk.


How can I cancel my vacation?

You can only cancel by writing an email, this is clear to you and us. You will always receive a confirmation off the cancellation.

See also terms and conditions, under cancellation.


Can I rebook my holiday?

Yes at Spilhammars camping you always have the opportunity to rebook for free, provided the planning for the new booking situation is free.


What are the conditions for rebooking my holiday?

If you book again in the same camping year, there are no extra conditions and costs.

If you go to next year, you only pay extra for the price increase.


Re-book before arrival

You can a camping pitch up to 2 weeks, Stuga up to 4 weeks, Holiday homes 4 weeks, re-book free to another period or to another year.

Valid until 2024 after that, we include the price increases of the years.


What do we do to ensure extra hygiene?

We do everything to ensure hygiene, we follow the hygiene regulations that currently apply in Sweden.

Of course you also have responsibility in this.


Which facilities are open and which are closed?

Astrid Lindgren's world opens May 20, subject to conditions, see also Vimmerby tourist info.

We hope the other tourist attractions will follow.


Can I claim money compensation off the  cancellation insurancy?

See here for general conditions under cancellation.


Can I just book my vacation for this summer?

As far as we are concerned, you can simply book your holiday for the summer 2022 and in the future, you can always rebook to  another period.

We are open but can make unexpected changes regarding opening times att Spilhammars camping, look on our website or call 0046 70 565 0317.

Of course, there can  always be new restrictions imposed by the Swedish government or the countries you drive through.


For this, see the sites of the respective country.

You can read here below how Spilhammarscamping will handle Covid-19

We open on April 1st. We follow the development of the situation carefully,  to constantly work and plan according to the directives and recommendations of the authorities.


Our first priority has always been, regardless of covid-19, the safety and well being of our guests. However, we think it is extremely important to inform you now and will take the extra steps needed to give you a nice holiday and be able to relax well.


Make yourself at home

For those who come with a camper / caravan / tent, has their own accommodation and an environment that you have in your own hand and where you can feel safe.

 For those who come to live in our cabins, they are cleaned extra carefully between the guests with extra attention to desinfect things that have a lot of physical contact, such as lamp buttons and handles.

There is space between our campsites and cottages, so you are always a few meters from the other family.


 Hygiene and extra cleaning routines

We plan extra cleaning in our common areas, such as service houses and service kitchens, with extra focus on desinfected buttons, handles and similar areas which affected by lots off bakterier.

Soap will be refilled constantly in the service houses, you always have posibilities to wash your hands and we urge all guests to do this often and carefully.

Unfortunately, it is not allowed at this time for children to go to the toilet by them selves, parents must follow their childeren to attend the necessary hygiëne requirements.


All employees are informed about the importance of good hand hygiene and safe working.

As we said, things can change fast and much during this time and we are constantly monitoring the information of the authorities and keeping you informed in case of changes in the guidelines for our trade/bransch. 


Take good care of each other and we hope you will have a good and healthy summer!